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Scholarly Innovation

Here are a few of the links to the tools we are discussing today as well as to the sample files we will play with. The workshop presentation is also at the foot of this page for you to take away.

  1. SnapMap
  2. Kindred Britain
  3. KnightLab at Northwestern
  4. ESRI Mapping
  5. OpenKnowledge Foundation
  6. OpenKnowledge Labs
  7. KL TimeLineJS3
  8. KL JuxtaposeJS
  9. KL StoryMap
  10. ESRI Story Maps
    1. EntertainMAP
    2. Tutorial
  11. OKFN Labs TimeMapper
    1. Sir Robert Hart Example
  12. TimeMapper Tutorial/Hands-On
    1. Google Sheet Template for TimeMapper

  13. Hilda Tweedy Online
  14. Neatline (UVA)
  15. Simile Exhibit


A SlideDeck of the Lecture: