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Putting Your Data to Map

Mapping your data can help to provide new insights on your research findings. However, many scholars are put off by the steep learning curve demanded by Geographic Information Systems (GIS) such as ArcGIS from ESRI. New and simple tools have become available that offer sophisticated output without extensive training. In fact, tools such as Google Maps, Google Earth, Open Street Map among others can offer immediate returns in a matter of hours where tasks in the past required, weeks, months and even years of training.

In this seminar we will explore a variety of these newly accessible tools and consider a variety of inspiring examples of how humanities scholars today are using these tools in their own research.

The structure of this seminar is such that no prior experience with any of these digital tools is presumed and is intended to provide some background in what these tools might offer so that participants can judge whether it would be benefit to investigate them more deeply.
No advance preparation for this seminar is necessary.


  1. Herodotus TimeMap
  2. GapVis
  3. GaugeMap
  4. Newspapers West
  5. Smelly Maps
  6. Open Calais
  7. GeoIMGR
  8. GPS Visualizer
  9. IPLocation
  10. D3.js and TopoJSON
  11. UMap
  12. CartoDB
  13. OpenLayers
  14. Leaflet
  15. UMap Paris Cinema
  16. BatchGeo

The Presentation

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  1. Datafile for Mapping Workshop Attendees (Exercise 1)
  2. Datafile for Journey (Exercise 1)
  3. Worldwide ‘Belfasts’ (Exercise 2)
  4. Worldwide ‘Dublins’ (Exercise 2)