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Exhibit vs Palladio

This workshop explores two particularly useful tools (of oh so many) for exploring and sharing your digital research data temporal, 
spatial and relational dimensions using visual means.

For the past decade, Exhibit, originally developed as part of the SIMILE projects at MIT, has provided a simple, but powerful means for scholars to analyse and display the relationships between their data, using timelines, and maps and with little or no programming experience. Exhibit allows researchers to share their data by simply presenting it through a browser window without the need to work with sophisticated server configurations.

Emerging from the innovative Mapping the Republic of Letters project at Stanford, Palladio has been made publicly available to allow researchers to explore their own data through timelines, maps, relationship diagrams and to share their findings through a relatively simple web interface. The sophisticated visualisations possible with Palladio belie its simple and approachable web interface.

Both of these tools provide an opportunity to scholars to explore their own research data in new and potentially beneficial ways.

The presentation is available for download.


The Exhibit Tutorial Online

A PDF of the Exhibit Tutorial Exercise

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